AI Documentation

Save time and energy with AI Documentation.

Our AI-enhanced documentation technology may soon make it easier to develop more detailed and accurate procedure documentation—all without increasing the burden on physicians.

Automatic documentation: meeting a critical need.

In completing post-procedure documentation, gastroenterologists often rely on notes from staff, or on their own memories. Depending on the software used, reports have varying levels of granularity and can lack standardization.

To address these challenges, Iterative Health has partnered with Provation to develop the next generation in reporting technology. We’re ensuring that our AI-enabled documentation solution will integrate easily with existing endoscopy equipment, creating the clearest possible path forward.

With direct scope-to-text interpretation, AI Documentation stands to raise the bar:
Improving accuracy and completeness of patient records, for better quality and continuity of care.
Standardizing reporting and quality metrics across institutions, enhancing research opportunities and quality assurance.
Optimizing workflows between procedures— physicians will be able to review evidence-based documentation, without having to create it.
Our advanced real-time reporting would offer more insights than ever.
Documenting timestamps, such as procedure start and end, cecum detection.
Recording procedure type and tools used.
Sorting procedure photos by location within the GI tract.
Characterizing bowel prep quality.
Documenting polyp characteristics, including shape and location.
Standardizing clinically relevant scores in IBD.
Creating new metrics to improve patient care.

Features described are forward-looking, and for illustrative purposes only.

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