Bringing the latest in precision medicine to GI.

Precision medicine has seen a number of game-changing advancements over the past few years. Now we’re bringing the benefits of today’s most advanced AI-driven computational tools to the field of gastroenterology. These advances empower physicians to make better decisions on a daily basis.

Computer Vision for powerful diagnostics.

One of the most exciting branches of artificial intelligence is computer vision. In the context of endoscopy videos, computers can now analyze and interpret multi-modality data sets—comprising digital images, videos and text—in ways never before possible. This gives physicians newfound power to comprehensively document all relevant clinical features for any given patient.


Finding objects in images and videos.


Pinpointing an object’s exact location.


Classifying objects at the pixel level.

Seamless integration from day one.

Our products are designed from the ground up to integrate smoothly and quickly into established clinical workflows. And as soon as you begin using them to accelerate clinical trials or support physician decision making, you benefit from exclusive partnerships and research collaborations that truly place our work on the leading edge.

  • 01

    Evaluate and interpret multi-modal data sets far more accurately.

  • 02

    Aggregate training data into one repository for algorithm development.

  • 03

    Access clinical trial and research data to create real-world models.

Deeper data means deeper understanding.

The more clearly you understand an IBD patient, the better the treatment you can provide. By accessing rich datasets through industry-leading partnerships, we make it possible to create much stronger standard-of-care endpoints. This allows you to more accurately predict disease progression, as well as the likely responses to specific therapeutics. It also takes disease-severity scoring to a whole new level.

  • Multi-omics

    Integrating multi-omics data analysis and machine learning has led to the discovery of new GI biomarkers.

  • Clinical Data

    Large quantities of high-quality data help us train ML models to better predict patient outcomes.

  • Industry Partners

    Unique data sources fuel the development of advanced models for disease severity scoring algorithms.

When clinical research evolves, everyone wins.

Our Professional Services team offers a way for practicing physicians to integrate high-quality research into their practices as a sustainable ancillary service.

We can help you strengthen your clinical research program. Make clinical trial recruitment technology more useful than ever. And facilitate opportunities to work with those study sponsors who offer the deepest IBD clinical trial pipelines.

  • AI Recruitment

    Maximize utility of IBD clinical trial recruitment technology.

  • Clinical Research

    Make your clinical research program more powerful.

  • Trial Pipelines

    Facilitate opportunities to work with top study sponsors.

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