Accuracy is everything.

Better adenoma detection can boost any GI practice’s standard of care.

SKOUT uses advanced computer-vision technology to better recognize colorectal polyps. Gastroenterologists get real-time feedback during colonoscopies, making it easier to detect lesions early on.1

SKOUT augments but does not replace physician judgment.

Enhanced adenoma detection is here.

Innovative technology, informed by robust clinical data.

In the largest US-based multicenter clinical study for a computer-aided detection device,2 SKOUT achieved a 27% relative increase in detection of adenomas per colonoscopy (APC) compared to routine colonoscopies.3

SKOUT by the Numbers

In a recent clinical study conducted among high-performing gastroenterologists, SKOUT consistently produced significant improvements in adenoma detection.

Average of 1 additional adenoma resected for every 4.5 patients examined

Thorough screening and surveillance of colorectal cancer—the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States and Europe7 8—is vital to decreasing its incidence.9


27% relative increase in adenomas per colonoscopy (APC)10


.22 absolute increase in adenomas per colonoscopy (APC)11

Transformative improvements to your colonoscopy workflow.


44% relative increase in 5–9mm polyp detection in the proximal colon.12


27% relative increase in adenomas per colonoscopy (APC) vs. routine colonoscopy.13

No significant increase in total procedure time or withdrawal time.14

“SKOUT is an integral part of our GI team. It’s reassuring to know that SKOUT is there helping us find more polyps, and making sure the patient’s exam is as thorough as possible”
– Samuel Somers, MD, MMSc

Gastroenterology at Concord Hospital, Concord, NH & SKOUT clinical trial investigator

Questions about SKOUT?

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