Integrate quality clinical research into your practice.

Our Professional Services team makes it easy for practicing physicians to integrate quality clinical research into their practices as a sustainable ancillary service.


  1. Research provides direct value for the practice and its patients.
  2. Provide patients with quality care and access to novel therapeutics.
  3. This revenue source can help support other areas of a practice.


  1. Patients get access to high-quality care and novel therapeutics.
  2. Improve diagnostic accuracy and allow closer clinical follow-up.
  3. Greater continuity of care between physicians and clinical sites.

When clinical research is done right, everyone wins.

Clinical Services

Supporting your clinical research program.

By teaming up with our Clinical Services team, you can reduce time to clinical trial activation while improving clinical research workflows.

Service Offerings

Research Site and Sponsor Relations
  • Assessment of site clinical study readiness
  • Assistance with trial sponsor contracts and budgets
  • Scheduling sponsor site selection (site initiation visit [SIV] and site qualification visit [SQV])
  • Training
  • Regulatory forms
  • Form submissions to sponsor, Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Protocol management
  • Pre-screening inclusion/exclusion checklist
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP), subject matter expert (SME) support
Study Data Management
  • Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)
  • Patient pre-screening in electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Access to disease-specific training
  • Access to best practices training
  • Ensuring staff training is complete
Professional Services

Hands-on support throughout the trial process.

Our Professional Services team stays fully engaged, even after AI-R implementation. We continue to provide valuable support for the full life cycle of any clinical research program.

Patient Recruitment

  1. We assist customers with every stage of AI Recruitment implementation.
  2. After implementation, we meet regularly with site study teams to review AI-R reports and patients identified by AI-R.
  3. Our ultimate goal is to work with you to randomize more patients for IBD clinical trials. The goal is to randomize all patients in IBD clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Workflow

  1. We work with site study teams on IRB approvals, contract negotiations and coordinator training.
  2. We partner with research teams to review and steamline study processes.
  3. We offer additional clinical research team staffing as needed.

Life Science Support

  1. We collaborate with leading life science companies to ease clinical site adoption of AI Recruitment.
  2. We help our partners improve their operational metrics, site outreach and data analysis.

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