AI Recruitment

AI-assisted clinical trial recruitment: the way forward.

Our AI Recruitment technology specifically addresses patient recruitment pain points in the clinic. It’s also great for accelerating the approval timeline on novel IBD therapeutics.

A comprehensive solution designed specifically for GI practices.

As advances in precision medicine continue to raise the bar for diagnostic accuracy and consistency, our team is focused on applying these benefits to IBD clinical trial recruitment.

AI Recruitment Technology:
a more enlightened approach.

Colonoscopy Recording

  1. Set-and-forget technology with minimal hardware footprint.
  2. Seamless integration with endoscopy processor.
  3. Total processor-agnostic flexibility.
  4. No interruptions to existing clinical workflows.

Data Privacy Protection

  1. All data secured using HTTPS connection with TLS 1.2 encryption.
  2. All data encrypted using AES 256 encryption.
  3. Proprietary algorithms de-identify images and redact PHI.

AI for endoscopic disease severity scoring

  1. Greater clinical insights via machine learning from HD images and video.
  2. Screen fail rates are reduced by using more standardized severity scoring.
  3. Creates a helpful baseline for more clarity in patient screening and reporting.

Patient eligibility report

  1. Creates a standardized endoscopic disease severity scoring report.
  2. More accurately determines patient eligibility for IBD clinical trials.
  3. Increases patient eligibility by delivering consistent data across clinical sites.

How can AI-R help you?

Our AI Recruitment technology can shorten clinical trial timelines while significantly reducing development costs.

Automating disease scoring lets you spend less time on patient screening.
Disease severity scoring is automated at the point of endoscopic assessment.
It now takes less time to identify the optimal patients for IBD clinical trials.
Decentralized screening helps you extend patient recruitment reach.
Clinical Research Specialists

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